May 13 2020

NEHI Live! Adult Immunizations and the COVID-19 Crisis

Check out the recording, presentation materials and recap of May 13th webinar here.


Lagging rates of adult immunization may have left American adults more vulnerable to COVID-19.
Americans may be even more vulnerable in the months to come. The impact of COVID-19 and our state-by-state respons

e to the pandemic may inadvertently depress influenza immunization during the upcoming 2020-21 flu season, as more Americans lose jobs and health insurance coverage, and prove hesitant to leave home and seek flu shots. The U.S. health care system now faces two great immunization challenges: radically upgrading rates of immunization for influenza and other vacccine-preventable diseases, and preparing for rapid, orderly, mass immunization against COVID-19 when a COVID-19 vaccine becomes available.

Join us for a special NEHI Live! webinar with guest panelists:
Madeleine Biondolillo, MD, Vice President of Quality Commerical Innovation, Premier Inc
Abby Bownas, Manager, Adult Vaccine Access Coalition
Charley John, PharmD, Director - U.S. Public Policy, Walgreens
For more information, please contact Tom Hubbard at

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