Dec 15 2021

NEHI Member Briefing on Prior Authorization: Can we all be happier?

Recording and white paper available.

In this briefing, hosted by NEHI President and CEO Wendy Warring, we report on the recommendations from our 9-month project on prior authorization. The project’s goal was to develop consensus for feasible reforms among members of a Steering Committee that included providers, payers, and representatives of employer and consumer organizations.

Most of the discussion, however, is devoted to hearing the perspectives on these and other suggested reforms from five individuals who have studied prior authorization and worked to improve it. Our experts come from different areas of the health care system, and we anticipate a lively, informative, and interesting discussion with the opportunity for audience members to pose tough questions.

Briefing participants include:

  • Kate Berry, Senior Vice President of Clinical Affairs and Strategic Partnerships, AHIP
  • David Culter, Committee Chair, Massachusetts Health Policy Commission
  • Heather McComas, Director of Administrative Simplification, American Medical Association
  • Sandhya Rao, Chief Medical Officer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
  • Nikhil Sahni, Partner, McKinsey & Company


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