Mar 24 2015

NEHI "On Call" Series: The First Fill Factor: Are We Ready to Tackle Primary Medication Non-Adherence?

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Recent research has confirms that a disturbingly high number of patients fail to pick up newly-prescribed medications. These rates of failure to start new therapies represent a threat to patient, outcomes, and quality goals that are increasingly tied to new payment models. Development of new primary medication non-adherence metrics by the Pharmacy Quality Alliance are now sparking discussion among prescribers and in the pharmacy industry on practical ways to close the primary medication non-adherence gap.

Join us for the latest in our “On Call” series as we discuss the implications of primary medication non-adherence and how we can tackle this problem.


Featured Speakers:

  • Alex Adams, Vice President, Pharmacy Programs, National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS)

  • Samuel F. Stolpe, Senior Director, Quality Strategies and Business Development, Pharmacy Quality Alliance

  • Michael Fischer, Primary Care Physician and Health Care Researcher, Brigham & Women's Hospital 
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