May 26 2016

NEHI "On Call" Series: Getting to Value - A Candid Conversation with NEHI Members Eli Lilly and Anthem

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Earlier this year, Eli Lilly and Anthem, two of the largest U.S. companies in the biopharma and health insurance industries, joined to issue policy statements on barriers to value-based contracting between manufacturers and payers, including regulatory issues around manufacturer communication of data and evidence. Join us on May 26th as we explore the changes in policy and practice that will be necessary if value-based contracting is to grow in the U.S. To learn more, see the January 29th Health Affairs blog post, "Discovering New Medicines And New Ways To Pay For Them".




Dorothy Hoffman, Corporate Affairs Leader, U.S. Health Policy, Eli Lilly

Dorothy Hoffman is the head of U.S. Health Policy at Eli Lilly and Company. In this role, Dorothy provides advice to business leaders on how legislative and regulatory changes will impact the commercialization and development of Lilly’s innovative medicines portfolio. Dorothy began her career at Lilly in 2004 and has held positions in Corporate Affairs of increasing responsibility at the Company Headquarters and in affiliate offices in Belgium and the United Kingdom. An area of interest to Dorothy is developing partnerships to solve health system and policy challenges. In 2014, she launched the company’s policy partnership with Anthem advocating for the implementation of novel value-based payment and communication arrangements in the U.S. In 2008, she led a research collaboration with public health experts and health economists that informed to the development of the company’s global health efforts in least developed countries. Prior to joining Lilly, Dorothy worked at the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, France. 

Anthony Mader, Vice President, Public Policy, Anthem, Inc.

Tony Mader serves as Vice President for Public Policy for Anthem, Inc., the parent company for 14 Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans across the country among other health benefit subsidiaries.  He manages a team of individuals that facilitate public policy development on issues facing the company, coordinate with the company’s Government Affairs staff on legislation and regulation impacting the health insurance marketplace, and ensure the company’s perspective is heard on federal regulations.  Located in Sacramento, his team covers both state and federal issues. Before to coming to Anthem, Tony served as a Budget Analyst for the California State Department of Finance, working on the Medi-Cal program, and focused primarily on cost-control initiatives and legislation impacting the program. 

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