May 10 2017

Health Care Without Walls Convening

Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health 700 Second St. NE Washington, DC

As the U.S. health care system shifts towards value-based care and payment, and technology enables everything from telehealth to collection of biometric data from smart phones, pushing health care out of institutions and closer to consumers and patients has become a priority for many health system stakeholders. Providers and payers recognize that new modalities of care delivery may not only address consumers’ desire for convenience, but could also lead to greater access at reasonable costs. “Health care without walls” could hold out particular benefit for the frail elderly and other vulnerable populations; for underserved areas of the country; and for advancing population health strategies aimed at addressing not just health care needs, but social determinants and other upstream drivers of health.

There are already many forces and “enablers” pushing toward “health care without walls,” but also many obstacles. Put simply, if it were up to technology alone, “health care without walls” would be a reality today for much of health care; the fact that it is not underscores that barriers exist. Over the course of 2017-2018, The Network for Excellence in Health Innovation (NEHI) will work to advance a research and thought leadership agenda and to identify opportunities to overcome the obstacles.

NEHI Members and others are invited to attend this convening, hear from a select group of presenters, participate in small group discussions, and help refine the plan for the work streams that will carry out the project.

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