Posted on December 21, 2019

Video Recap: NEHI Roundtable on the Patient's Stake in Value-Based Arrangements

Video recap of December 4th roundtable in Washington, DC

On Wednesday, December 4th, NEHI convened a roundtable on Capitol Hill focused on "next generation" value-based contracts for prescription drugs and their impact on patients. Insurers actively engaged with value-based arrangements, as well as innovative patient organizations, were represented among NEHI’s panelists.
“Many payers and manufacturers are poised to make more use of these arrangements for newly-launched, novel drugs, but the applications could be wider, particularly if the use of drug rebates is reduced due to federal action or to changing demands among private sector payers, or both," said Tom Hubbard, NEHI Vice President of Policy Research. "Patient communities need to understand how these arrangements affect them."
The NEHI roundtable focused on how innovators among patient organizations, health insurance plans, and pharmaceutical manufacturers are marshalling data and analytics to identify, validate and use patient-centered metrics for use in value-based arrangements. The roundtable also explored how patient rights and responsibilities could be defined and protected should federal policy (such as Anti-Kickback Statute enforcement) be changed to support greater use of value-based arrangements.

Panelists from December 4th Roundtable 


How Do We Design Patient Focus into Next Generation Value-Based Arrangements? (Panel 1)




 How Should We Define the Patient's Financial Stakes, Rights and Responsibilities in Next Generation Value-Based Arrangements? (Panel 2)


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