Posted on February 12, 2021

Burdens of Obesity and Diabetes Grow in the Wake of COVID-19 -- Continued Innovation is Crucial

Recap and recording of NEHI's February 10th webinar: Accelerating Innovations in Obesity and Diabetes Management Post-COVID-19.


(Panelists from NEHI's February 10th webinar)

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on persons with obesity and/or diabetes and will leave behind a heavy burden on U.S. public health. Increased uptake of innovations such as telehealth services have proven critical during the crisis, but continued uptake is not assured in the future, and should be seen as crucial to meeting what could be a tidal wave of pent-up medical need among patients when COVID restrictions are lifted.   

These were among the findings from a distinguished panel NEHI assembled for its February 10 webinar, “Accelerating Innovations in Obesity and Diabetes Management, Post-COVID-19." Dr. Robert Gabbay, Chief Medical Officer of the American Diabetes Association, Murray Aitken, IQVIA Senior Vice President and Executive Director of the IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science, and Dr. Jennifer Schneider, former President and Chief Medical Officer of Livongo (the digital health company that is now part of Teladoc). 

In the post-COVID world a wide range of innovations -- and older interventions that have gone under-adopted -- will prove critical to meeting patient needs, including digital health products, obesity and diabetes prevention programs, anti-obesity medications and weight loss surgery, and holistic models of primary care that encourage integration of innovative products and services. 

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