Posted on July 1, 2022

Statement from NEHI: Roe v. Wade

Statement from NEHI regarding recent SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

As a non-partisan organization that is committed to building equity in health care quality and access, NEHI believes that Roe v. Wade struck the right balance in upholding an individual’s right to make critical choices that advance their health, including the choice of whether to continue with a pregnancy they cannot support for reasons of physical health, mental health, or economics.  There is simply too much evidence that withdrawing this right will have significant and irreparable health consequences for millions of people, many of whom are members of underrepresented or underserved populations.  There is ample evidence that patients in consultation with their physicians are in the best position to protect a woman’s health and that  placing the issue in the hands of state or federal elected officials will result in negative health consequences for women and exacerbate  health inequities and hardship. We view the Supreme Court’s decision as yet another barrier to health equity we must work to overcome.

NEHI will continue to prioritize making quality medical care accessible for all, with the collaboration of and drive our members possess to achieve the healthcare opportunities and outcomes we all deserve.  

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