Real World Evidence: A New Era for Health Care Innovation

Posted On September 22nd, 2015

Real World Evidence: A New Era for Health Care Innovation
An issue brief on the major challenges and opportunities for Real World Evidence to reach its full potential

A new era of health care innovation could be unleashed by merging multiple sources of data to generate Real World Evidence (RWE). Real World Evidence is not just “big data” – it’s the integration of multiple sources of diverse data. Using RWE has the potential to expedite the processes used in clinical research, provide more accurate, diverse insights on safe and effective use of innovations, both pre- and post-regulatory approval.

The use of RWE has become more viable as large networks of data and Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have become increasingly prevalent, however, making RWE a full reality will not be easy. Marcia A. Kean, Chairman of Strategic Initiatives at Feinstein Kean Healthcare stated that “the problem with real world data is the real world. We thought it was going to be easy, just press the blue button.”

In order for RWE to reach its full potential, consensus needs to be reached on many issues including privacy and data collection standards, and public policy needs to influence data collection, analysis and stakeholder collaboration.

To address these challenges and contribute to consensus, NEHI held a roundtable in December 2014 entitled “Real World Evidence: Ready for Prime Time?”, and developed an issue brief which dives into the landscape surrounding RWE as it comes into the spotlight.

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