Better Use of Medicines for Diabetes Patients

Posted On September 8th, 2016

Better Use of Medicines for Diabetes Patients
This NEHI report outlines the challenges presented by medication use in diabetes and provides five innovative solutions to improve diabetes care.

Management of diabetes and related conditions represent one of the most complex and costly challenges in U.S. health care today, with over twenty million Americans diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and approximately 1 in 5 health care dollars is spent caring for people with diabetes.

With a recent estimate that the U.S. spends approximately $4 billion in avoidable costs per year due to sub-optimal use of medicines, including poor medication adherence for patients with diabetes, it is clear that there are significant opportunities to optimize the use of those medications. 
NEHI's report describes the significant issues present for medication use by diabetes patients and provides five practical recommendations to addressing them. 
Click here to watch the video of NEHI's Sept expert panel discuss the paper and NEHI'S findings. 

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