Improving Administrative Processes: Collaborative Approaches to Prior Authorization

NEHI’s research and analysis in care delivery focuses on identifying innovations that increase the value and reduce the costs of health care. Prior NEHI research has demonstrated that waste and inefficiencies in health care account for $800 billion in unnecessary costs, or a full third of the nation’s health care spending, and that eliminating it requires many clinical, systemic and behavioral changes in organizations across health care. Current NEHI projects focus on assessing the impact of comparative effectiveness research on innovation and identifying innovative practices and policy actions in areas such as reducing hospital readmissions, increasing medication adherence, preventing medication errors and improving patient safety.

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  • Publication Date: April 26, 2013

    ACO Innovation Summit Series

    An overview of a series of dynamic summits hosted by NEHI for senior leaders for a multi-sector exploration of the potential impact of ACOs on patient access to innovative therapies and technologies. Since passage of the Affordable Care Act, more than 450 Accountable Care Organizations have been established in 49 states. While ACOs are in the spotlight as a means to transform the health care delivery system, many challenges need to be addressed. NEHI has taken the lead by convening a series of dynamic summits for senior leaders from pioneer ACOs, academia, biopharma and medtech for a multi-sector exploration of the potential impact of ACOs on patient access to innovative therapies and technologies.
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  • Publication Date: January 31, 2013

    Improving Patient Medication Adherence: Key Issues and Challenges in the Daily Practice of Medicine

    This issue brief discusses how evolving models of medication management are key to bringing improved medication adherence, and thus improved patient outcomes and reduced costs, into the daily practice of medicine.
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  • Publication Date: October 19, 2012

    Thinking Outside the Pillbox: Improving Medication Adherence and Reducing Readmissions

    An issue brief highlighting successful new models of advanced discharge planning and transitional care that have medication management at their core.
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  • Publication Date: September 25, 2012

    ADOPT Toolkit

    The website will offer tools in four discreet technology areas: remote patient monitoring (RPM), medication optimization, care transitions, and mobile health. RPM tools are now available online and tools for mobile health technologies will be available in November. NEHI, with its deep portfolio of research indentifying valuable but under used technologies and barriers to their adoption, served in an advisory role on the Toolkit project. In addition, NEHI partnered with Atrius Health in Massachusetts on a study, funded by CTA, of the effectiveness of remote patient monitoring for patients with chronic illnesses. NEHI's Remote Patient Monitoring Project Press Release ADOPT Toolkit Website
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  • Publication Date: June 19, 2012

    Healthy People Healthy Economy: Second Annual Report Card

    Second Annual Report Card, which tracks progress over 14 policies and practices that are key elements of a comprehensive effort to make Massachusetts a national leader in health and wellness.
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  • Publication Date: April 26, 2012

    2012 Innovation Barometer

    A national survey of 500 opinion leaders shows strong support for using innovative solutions to increase efficiency and control costs in health care.
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  • Publication Date: March 1, 2012

    Exploring Innovative Pricing Arrangements for Biopharmaceuticals

    This Issue Brief discusses critical barriers to expanded use of innovative pricing arrangements, strategies to overcome them and alternative ways to ensure access and continued innovation of biopharmaceuticals.
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  • Publication Date: December 16, 2011

    Bend the Curve: Health Care Leader's Guide to High Value Health Care

    The Health Care Leader's Guide to High Value Health Care provides data to identify where costs can be reduced and offers recommendations for actionable solutions. It also includes real world success stories of health care professionals making important improvements in their organizations. We encourage you to use these tools to educate colleagues, and identify and implement successful solutions to the very real problem of health care waste in your own organizations and communities.
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  • Publication Date: July 19, 2011

    Healthy People Healthy Economy First Annual Report Card

    First annual report card on Massachusetts' wellness policies.
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  • Publication Date: February 17, 2011

    From Evidence to Practice: A National Strategy for CER Dissemination

    Since the passage of the ACA, NEHI has been examining the potential avenues for CER dissemination, specifically the existing programs of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and the newly created Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). This white paper takes the position that PCORI must elevate dissemination as a priority, above and beyond the level called for in the Affordable Care Act and in the Institute of Medicine’s 2009 report to Congress on CER priorities.
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