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Next Generation Therapies in Massachusetts: New Solutions for Coverage and Payment

Posted On March 5th, 2019


Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes: A NEHI Policy Brief

Posted On November 14th, 2019



Addressing Data and Information Gaps Contributing to Opioid Use Disorder

Posted On May 23rd, 2018


Health Care Without Walls: A Roadmap for Reinventing U.S. Health Care

Posted On October 23rd, 2018



Rewarding Results: Moving Forward on Value-Based Contracting for Biopharmaceuticals

Posted On March 23rd, 2017


Rebuilding the Foundation of Health Care Under MACRA

Posted On May 23rd, 2017


Transparency in Health Care: A Priority Roadmap for Consumer Engagement

Posted On July 27th, 2017


Value-Based Contracting for Oncology Drugs: A NEHI White Paper

Posted On October 24th, 2017



Maximizing the Potential of Real World Evidence to Support Health Care Innovation

Posted On June 9th, 2016


Accelerated Pathways Work; Now What?

Posted On June 28th, 2016


Better Use of Medicines for Diabetes Patients

Posted On September 8th, 2016



Community Health Workers: Getting the Job Done in Healthcare Delivery

Posted On May 8th, 2015


Healthy People/Healthy Economy: A Five-Year Review and Five Priorities for the Future

Posted On June 19th, 2015


Reducing Hospital Readmissions Through Medication Management and Improved Patient Adherence

Posted On June 25th, 2015


Real World Evidence: A New Era for Health Care Innovation

Posted On September 22nd, 2015


Physicians and PDMPs: Improving the Use of Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs

Posted On December 2nd, 2015



An Evolving Landscape: Comparative Effectiveness Research, Outcomes Research, and Health Care Innovation

Posted On May 22nd, 2014


Healthy People - Healthy Economy Annual Report Card 2014

Posted On June 24th, 2014


Ready for Pick-Up: Reducing Primary Medication Non-Adherence

Posted On October 20th, 2014


A Bundle of Potential and Risk: Bundled Payment and its Impact on Innovation

Posted On November 13th, 2014


All Payer Claims Databases: Unlocking the Potential

Posted On December 17th, 2014



Improving Patient Medication Adherence: Key Issues and Challenges in the Daily Practice of Medicine

Posted On January 31st, 2013


ACO Innovation Summit Series

Posted On April 26th, 2013


Healthy People Healthy Economy: Third Annual Report Card

Posted On June 1st, 2013


Thinking Outside the Pillbox: Six Priorities for Action to Support Improved Patient Medication Adherence

Posted On July 29th, 2013


Emerging Best Practices for Tele-ICU Care Nationally

Posted On November 18th, 2013



Exploring Innovative Pricing Arrangements for Biopharmaceuticals

Posted On March 1st, 2012


2012 Innovation Barometer

Posted On April 26th, 2012


Getting to Value: Eleven Chronic Disease Technologies to Watch

Posted On June 13th, 2012


Healthy People Healthy Economy: Second Annual Report Card

Posted On June 19th, 2012


Thinking Outside the Pillbox: Improving Medication Adherence and Reducing Readmissions

Posted On October 19th, 2012



From Evidence to Practice: A National Strategy for CER Dissemination

Posted On February 17th, 2011


Healthy People Healthy Economy First Annual Report Card

Posted On July 19th, 2011


Roadmap to Improved Patient Medication Adherence

Posted On September 22nd, 2011


Bend the Curve: Health Care Leader's Guide to High Value Health Care

Posted On December 16th, 2011



Remaking Primary Care: A Framework for the Future

Posted On January 20th, 2010


A Matter of Urgency: Reducing Emergency Department Overuse

Posted On March 30th, 2010


From Evidence to Practice: Making CER Findings Work for Providers and Patients

Posted On September 1st, 2010


Medication Adherence and Care Teams: A Call for Demonstration Projects

Posted On September 23rd, 2010


FAST Adoption of Significant Technologies One Page Summary

Posted On November 30th, 2010


Critical Care, Critical Choices: The Case for Tele-ICUs in Intensive Care

Posted On December 1st, 2010



Remote Physiological Monitoring: Research Update

Posted On January 21st, 2009


FAST Update: 2008-2009 Candidate Technologies

Posted On January 22nd, 2009


Saving Lives, Saving Money In Practice: Strategies for Computerized Physician Order Entry in Massachusetts Hospitals

Posted On February 2nd, 2009


Balancing Act: Comparative Effectiveness Research and Innovation in U.S. Health Care

Posted On April 20th, 2009


Remaking Primary Care: From Crisis to Opportunity

Posted On May 26th, 2009


Healthy People in a Healthy Economy: A Blueprint for Action in Massachusetts

Posted On June 30th, 2009


FAST Detailed Technology Analysis - Tele-stroke

Posted On July 17th, 2009


FAST Detailed Technology Analysis - Home Telehealth

Posted On July 17th, 2009


Thinking Outside the Pillbox: A System-wide Approach to Improving Patient Medication Adherence for Chronic Disease

Posted On August 12th, 2009


Rx for Health Reform

Posted On September 10th, 2009



Saving Lives, Saving Money: The Imperative for Computerized Physician Order Entry in Massachusetts Hospitals

Posted On February 14th, 2008


Waste and Inefficiency in the U.S. Health Care System - Clinical Care

Posted On February 25th, 2008


Improving Physician Adherence to Clinical Practice Guidelines

Posted On February 25th, 2008


How Many More Studies Will It Take?

Posted On February 25th, 2008


Comparative Effectiveness Research

Posted On July 21st, 2008


The Wasteland of Health Care

Posted On July 29th, 2008


Emergency Department Overuse Backgrounder

Posted On August 1st, 2008



Tele-ICUs: Remote Management in Intensive Care Units

Posted On March 1st, 2007


The Boston Paradox: Lots of Health Care, Not Enough Health

Posted On June 1st, 2007



Insulin Analogs: Innovation in Biotechnology

Posted On January 1st, 2006


Challenges in Vaccine Policy: A Case Study of the HPV Vaccine

Posted On August 29th, 2006


Saving Lives, Reducing Costs: CPOE Lessons Learned in Community Hospitals

Posted On September 1st, 2006


A Case Study on CPOE: A Blueprint for a Beginning

Posted On December 19th, 2006



On the Critical List: Health Care Job Vitality in New England

Posted On January 1st, 2004


Targeting Cancer: Innovation in the Treatment of Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia

Posted On March 1st, 2004


Remote Physiological Monitoring: Innovation in the Management of Heart Failure

Posted On July 1st, 2004



The Economic Contributions of the Health Care Industry to the New England Region

Posted On February 1st, 2003


Advanced Technologies to Lower Health Care Costs and Improve Quality

Posted On October 1st, 2003


Treatment Plan: High Tech Transfusion Case Statement for Implementation of CPOE in all Massachusetts Hospitals

Posted On October 1st, 2003


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